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I thought 2022 was my year

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Hey guys, it's been a few months so I thought I would catch you all up! When I last posted I was optimistic that 2022 was indeed our year, or more specifically, my year. Of course life laughed and decided to throw me 3 very serious, very stressful events.

Stressor Number One

Though this is the first stressor, it is in fact the most strenuous of the events I will talk about. On Feb 18th, my fiancé and my world shattered into a million unmanageable pieces. There will be many things about this situation that I cannot talk about, but I will explain as much as I can.

I was on my lunch break during a rare dayshift at the hospital when I decided to run to the store and grab a couple energy drinks to get through my day. During my drive back to work my landlord and roommate called me which was unusual. When I answered he told me that Jesse had been arrested!! I asked him to keep the police there as I was right around the corner. I raced home and found two cops and a squad car outside my place with Jesse in the back seat crying out for me. I asked them why he was being arrested and they told me because he was 18 and older that Jesse had to tell me to which he did and I didn't understand the charges and I asked the cops to clarify what the charges meant and he told me to google them spewed their badge numbers at me and where they were taking him and left...

I was lost, I was left stranded in the middle of the road with the love of my life torn away from me without any information to go on. I went to the prescient they told me he was at and they turned me away. I finally gave up and went home where the police had left my door wide open and waited to hear anything from anyone. At 1830h I got a call from a private number and it was his voice on the other end. He told me he was handcuffed and left in a room with a phone they dialed for him and that he didn't know what was going on. He if you can remember from my other posts has severe mental illness with agoraphobic like tendencies so to be torn away from his home, his comfort zone was horrible for him. I drove to where he was which was NOT where they told me he was, and brought him his Ativan to help calm him down. I was met by a very friendly man in an old military uniform. I waited about ten minutes when a large guard came out and took Jesses meds from me and told me he would be out sometime in the night. I drove home again and waited.

It was around 2200h when Jesse called me telling me he was released on bail and that he can come home. I drove as fast as I could to get to him. When he got in the car we just held each other and cried. Our world would never be the same. We know no the entire extent of the charges which I cannot discuss but they are criminal charges which are 100% erroneous and insane. He did not do what he is accused of but he faces over ten years in prison. We are paying 500$ a month for a lawyer to help which is barely do able on my wage. Jesse who was making a resumé and was starting to look for a job can no longer work due to these charges and the restrictions that come with them. But the money isn't what worries me, what worries me is losing the love of my life, my soulmate to false accusations.

Our lawyer has been kicking ass in court and helping us by going for us, but we have an official trial start date which is Feb 8th 2023. I have to have 7500$+ gst and a filing fee all paid by then. I am working almost everyday to pay the fees on top of dealing with the other two events I will talk about below.

Please keep Jesse in your prayers.

Stressor Number Two

Moving on to the next stressor in our life, we had a mid-way lease inspection this past April and during the inspection we were told by our upstairs neighbors that we were doing much better in regards to our outburst; outbursts are one of the many things that accompany Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), please see my last post for more information on Jesse's disorder, but things aren't working for them, the outburst come at "inopportune times for them", so we were evicted. We were given until June 15th to save and find a new place to live while still paying rent for this place!! So we are off to a new place for the third time in one year.

We are being optimistic that this will be what needs to happen to find a place of our own, free from roommates and other people always looming over us, but it is exhausting and almost impossible for me to work this much to save for all of this.

Stressor Number Three

The third event that shook out 2022, but I have to go back to April 2020 to tell this story. I was driving home after my evening shift at the University Hospital at around 2300h. I take this road that goes down a steep hill and continues over a lit up bridge that crosses the river. As I was on the bridge I noticed a small black dog running around so I stopped my care safely, put my hazards on and got out when the lane next to me was clear. I got the dog off the bridge with the help of two other women and the fog ran into the river valley hopefully to their owners but was at least off the road. Not two minutes later I heard a crash and as I turned around I saw a motorbike smash in to the back of what I thought was my SUV, but was in fact an other driver who stopped behind me without his hazards and the driver of the motor bike neglected to see either of us as he flew down the hill. We called 911 but there was a doctor on the scene as well as myself, a neurology nurse. The ambulance and fire came and took care of the scene and we ( the two other women, van driver, and myself) stayed an hour and a half for the police. We gave our statements and were let go to go home.

It took a long time for me to realized I did nothing wrong, this accident haunted me for years. Now two years later I am being sued for the accident along with the van driver by the motorbike driver blaming us when he doesn't want to take responsibility for not paying attention when he could have very easily saw us and slowed down. If the van driver and I had been in an accident or broken down we still would have been there so to throw blame at us is ridiculous. I am now dealing with this on top of everything else.

We Need Help

Since the arrest, I have set up a Go Fund Me me. I am over my head here and I am scared I am not going to make it. Please if you can donate we need the help, but if you can't, share share share!!

Bless you all for taking the time to read this. Our lives are in the universes hands now and I am so scared we are going to lose everything. We may not be perfect, but we mind our own business and try are damnedest to survive this world.

Hope you are all well, take care, and as always, peace, love, and buttstuff,


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