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Big Things

Hello, hello, hello!! Exciting things are heading our way!! After a very trying emotional personal crisis, Jesse and I took some time to ourselves...this man is my everything and he needed some recharging...we both did!! After a very early bed time we were both up at sunrise the next day! I was watching friends; as usual, and doing my nails...630 A.M. I asked him to fetch my water he came back he was holding a small silver box in his hand. With tears in his eyes he asked me to be his, forever!! Of course I said yes through my own tears as he slid the GORGEOUS rose gold princess cut engagement ring on to my left hand! Here we are with our future before us and I can't wait to see what is in store for us...what we least expected was what happened five later... coming home with a brand new baby....Kitten!! It wasn't in our plans, to get another cat as we already have two, but something about Pudge said she needed us, as much as I think we needed her! She is a farm cat, born at my mom's. Seven weeks old and already independent and striving to have more instagram followers than me! Stay tuned for updates on both the wedding and our little zoo!! Peace and love ✌️💙 pudgethecat_

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