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Sippin with Amy

Hello you sexy mofos, how the heck are ya!? I have spent a beautiful day at the family farm relaxing and drinkin. As some may know, I currently am broken; four weeks ago I broke my foot, and unable to really do much but I guess it came in handy as there are lots of renovations to be done and I am unable to help ;) just kidding I am bummed I can't help but rest I must.

We, and by we I mean my in-laws have almost refurbished this entire house. The farm house was left to my father-in-law a year ago and was originally his fathers house so this farm has been in the family for decades. Unfortunately the woman who lived here previous had let her hoarding get out of hand and the house was really unlivable...but with some hard work and love TLC this house became a home again...

But enough about that I am in need of some games, I can't wait to get back to the city and plug back into my consoles and let the geeking out commence! Trials is back and I know the map is asylum and I love love love it...what a weekend to be away, four weeks of crappy trials and finally I have a map I can rock and I am here at le Farm...but it is good to get away...the streaming world can get out of hand sometimes. There area a lot of platforms for people to message me and those messages pile up so I am happy to unplug and catch up on them all. Tough I miss all my little cells in the MageeArmy and will be there tomorrow to shoot some guardians in the face with my tether!! For now I will continue dranking my drank and watching Amy Schumer

Until tomorrow all..peace and love!!

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